The SYC is adopting the new Windsurfer LT one design class for future racing.

For 40 years the Windsurfer lifestyle has been embraced by Australian families and now 2018 has marked a modern update featuring a lightweight epoxy hull with enhanced volume allowing the Windsurfer LT to deliver improved performance whilst supporting inexpensive one design racing, where the emphasis is on skill and tactics rather than equipment.

The Windsurfer LT comes complete at $2500 and can be purchased locally through Binks Marine at Somerton Park, Ph 08 8294 6211. Shane O’Callaghan is the contact person at Binks.

Grant Evans, a Somerton sailor for many years has a new Windsurfer LT and is keen to promote windsurfing at SYC for everyone who enjoys being on the water, from experienced windsurfers getting back into it to newbies and families who want to experience a no hassle fun activity. Grant started windsurfing and competing in the 80’s and is able to pass on any advice, information or expertise required. He can be contacted by emailing,

Additional information about the board, membership and racing events around Australia can be found on the Australian Windsurfer Class web site.