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The Somerton Yacht Club was formed at a meeting conducted by the Mayor of Brighton (Mr. W. S. Walsh) in Feb 1945.

During the first season, sailing was conducted from a temporary clubhouse near Farrell St., Glenelg. A permanent clubhouse was built in 1947 on the foreshore between Whyte St. and College Rd, and the club became an incorporated body.

Somerton Yacht Club - History
The Original Clubhouse

In 1953, the Clubhouse was totally destroyed in a storm. Immediate efforts were made to establish a new clubhouse on the John Miller Reserve, but had attendant difficulties and members drifted, so Somerton became near non-existent. In Sept. 1953, at a special meeting, the Club changed its name from The Somerton Sailing Club to The Somerton Yacht Club.

Somerton Yacht Club - History
The clubhouse following the destruction of the storm

The Club Building on this site was opened on Sat. Dec. 14th 1957

Somerton Yacht Club - 1954
The current Club Building opened on Sat. Dec. 14th 1957

For more details about the clubs beginings and the early days take a look at these 3 accounts below by John Schlank, H.A.F. taylor and Tom Flint.

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Somerton Yacht Club